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day•bed (dābed′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a couch that can be used as a sofa by day and a bed by night.
  2. a couch, esp. of the 17th or 18th century, in the form of a usually armless chair, with a greatly elongated seat supported by extra legs and a slanted, sometimes hinged, back, used for reclining or sleeping during the day.


couch (kouch or, for 6, 15, ko̅o̅ch),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a piece of furniture for seating from two to four people, typically in the form of a bench with a back, sometimes having an armrest at one or each end, and partly or wholly upholstered and often fitted with springs, tailored cushions, skirts, etc.;
  2. a similar article of furniture, with a headrest at one end, on which some patients of psychiatrists or psychoanalysts lie while undergoing treatment.
  3. a bed or other place of rest;
    a lounge;
    any place used for repose.
  4. the lair of a wild beast.
  5. [Brewing.]the frame on which barley is spread to be malted.
  6. [Papermaking.]the board or felt blanket on which wet pulp is laid for drying into paper sheets.
  7. a primer coat or layer, as of paint.
  8. on the couch, [Informal.]undergoing psychiatric or psychoanalytic treatment.

  1. to arrange or frame (words, a sentence, etc.);
    put into words;
    express: a simple request couched in respectful language.
  2. to express indirectly or obscurely: the threat couched under his polite speech.
  3. to lower or bend down, as the head.
  4. to lower (a spear, lance, etc.) to a horizontal position, as for attack.
  5. to put or lay down, as for rest or sleep;
    cause to lie down.
  6. to lay or spread flat.
  7. [Papermaking.]to transfer (a sheet of pulp) from the wire to the couch.
  8. to embroider by couching.
  9. [Archaic.]to hide;

  1. to lie at rest or asleep;
  2. to crouch;
  3. to lie in ambush or in hiding;
  4. to lie in a heap for decomposition or fermentation, as leaves.

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Again-this Daybed Couches Collection must fit color-scheme and the modern product of glass features and white or black lumber, steel. You might find a really modern portion along with a dressing-table with silver steel highlights that may provide a very pointed glance.

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